multiple tape drives with ISC 386/ix

Pim Zandbergen pim at
Tue Nov 14 10:27:14 AEST 1989

Now that we have customers with 60 MB, 120 MB and 150 MB tape drives,
I am faced with a problem. We want to (1) WRITE 60 MB tapes (for software
distribution), (2) WRITE 150 MB tapes (for efficient backups), and
(3) READ everybody's tapes. 

For now, no single tape drive is able to perform such a task, 
so I am looking for a solution with multiple drives.

The scenario I have in mind is to have an Archive VIPER SCSI
tape drive for (2) and (3), and a regular Wangtek 60 MB drive,
or an Archive 60 MB SCSI drive for (1).

Is there any reason why one of these configurations could not work?

My hesitation is caused by the 2.0.2 release notes, which state
that the Archive SCSI drive can only be used with it's "native"
capacity. Now what I understand, the "native capacity" of the
Archive VIPER depends on the cartridge being used. What gives ?

I would appreciate any hints, tips, suggestions, horror stories
and other experiences.

Thanks in advance,
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