Screen savers for SCO Sys V/386 Console?

Chip Rosenthal chip at vector.Dallas.TX.US
Wed Nov 15 06:00:43 AEST 1989

swatt at (Steven Edward Watt) writes:
>  Does anybody know of a replacement console driver for SCO Unix V/386
>that does video blanking after 10 minutes?

I'm not sure if it's worth putting more goo in the kernel for this.

At one time I ran a shell script via cron which just did a "who" and
echoed a "^L" to screens which have been idle after a while.  If you
want to get fancier, you can determine the current screen being displayed
(a program recently posted to comp.unix.xenix shows how) and just clear
that one if it's been idle for a while.

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