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In article <542 at rsiatl.UUCP> jgd at rsiatl.UUCP (John G. De Armond) writes:
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[ my ISC bashing ... ]

>I thought I'd never see the day when I'd be siding with Interactive but Bill
>Kenedy, don't you think that level of hostility is a bit premature?  The 
>first Bill did not indicate that he'd asked for his hardware back so I'd
>hardly call it criminal.  Poor customer relations for sure, but hardly
>For all the flamage Interactive deserves (and that's a bunch), at least
>they ARE on the net and do at least try to respond sometimes.  Ever
>try to get a really sticky problem solved with Microsoft?  Or worse, IBM?
>Harsh, but positive and fair pressure does work.  Witness the long overdue
>man pages and paper docs to come with the next release.  (Which I SURE
>hope does not cost as much as the hardware its running on!)  Slam 'em when
>they deserve it but let's be fair.  
>Besides, that's just a little horror story compared to what is still 
>unfolding in my shop.
[ a lot of agony about Newbury, no sarcasm in "agony" ]

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No, I don't take back a word.  I don't think that the level of hostility
is premature at all.  I agree that ISC's participation on the net is helpful
and welcome, I think that I've been complimentary of them in the past, but
this situation is unconscionable and (to repeat) borders IMHO on criminal.

They agreed to take the guy's drive and controller.  They reported that
they had a fix, but there were sufficient kernel changes such that they
would have to include it in the next release.  They haven't returned his
drive and controller, nor have they said he could have the fix.  He has
purchased three copies of 386/ix, none of them work with his equipment.  He
has loaned them the equipment and they haven't returned it.  What's unfair
about slamming them for that?  He was promised that 386/ix would work with
his equipment.  When it didn't he was promised that it would be fixed in
the next release.  In three releases that's not true.  He loaned them $4000
worth of working hardware to track it down, four months ago.  They say
that they tracked it down but have provided neither the fix nor have they
returned the hardware.  Am I unreasonable asking that they tell their
customers their side?

Any comparison with Microsoft or IBM isn't reasonable.  When you buy
from either firm, you're on your own and you should know it.  Neither
comoany has any pretense at technical support, their stuff is "as-is"
just like the warranty states.  Since they neither offer nor advertise
technical support (when your products are `perfect' you don't need to)
nobody expects it.  ISC advertises "all you can eat" technical support,
that's their term, not mine.  When I hear about a case like Bill Miskovetz'
I wonder what they suggest we eat.

In email, since my follow up, Mr. Miskovetz says that he has followed
up the situation roughly every week.  He sent the equipment overnight
air express, figuring it would be a quick fix.  He *HAS* asked for the
equipment to be returned, but he has gotten a lot of guff about people
being at shows, on vacation, nah nah nooh nooh.  The stuff was shipped
(as reported by ISC Santa Monica) November 6th.  It hasn't arrived,
400 miles away in seven days...  Yes, they had the original manufacturers'

Sorry John, I don't see where I'm being unreasonable asking ISC to comment.
You say they are working hard, I agree.  You say they are on the net and
helpful, I agree.  What's that got to do with Bill Miskovetz' situation?
I discarded your painful report about the Newbury disks because it didn't
have anything to do with Miskovetz' article or mine.  That doesn't diminish
the pain you've undergone or the risks that go with buying discontinued
goods, but what's discontinued about ISC 386/ix 2.0.2?
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