1.44 drives on i386

Randy Suess randy at chinet.chi.il.us
Thu Nov 30 04:43:08 AEST 1989

	I just switched from AT&T UNIX 3.2.1 on Chinet to i386
	2.0.2.  Now, my 3.5 inch drives don't work at 1.44 megs
	(f03ht).  They work ok at 720k.  I can format them
	at 1.44 megs under i386, but they can't be read.  I tried
	copying the pack.d/fd/Driver.o from the AT&T UNIX to
	see if that would fix it, but no luck.  The strange thing
	is that Interactive ships 2.0.2 on 1.44 meg disks.  This
	happens on all 386 machines at work, with various shipments
	of 2.0.2.  
	Any ideas??


Randy Suess
randy at chinet.chi.il.us

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