installing smail2.5 under 386ix (ISC 1.0.5)

Joseph E Poplawski jpoplaws at telesci.UUCP
Wed Nov 29 15:44:53 AEST 1989

Hello.  I am having a serious problem installing smail 2.5 under Interactive
UNIX V.3 (1.0.5).  Basically I got everything to compile fine, but after 
following the install instructions, I tried to send some test mail to a local
user account.  The result was almost disasterous.  In the process table
it seemed that a "rmail jep" and "sh -c /usr/lib/sendmail jep" processes kept
being created, though after about 10 minutes, no mail was put into 
"/usr/mail/jep" and these processes kept starting up, ending and starting up
again, sometimes so quickly it was impossible to kill them.  I ended up 
having to do an "init 0" to bring the system down and allow it to kill the
renegade processes.

After rebooting the system, I had to resort to reinstalling the entire
basic networking package as to get everything back to normal because when I
tried to restore the original files, it seemed that something was messed up
somewhere, some permission or something.

Anyway, my question to the net is, has anyone had this problem and come up
with a solution, or is there someone out there that has successfully installed
smail 2.5 under ISC UNIX V.3 (1.0.5).  The system comes with smail 2.2

Another question, what is better, running with smail 2.5 in conjunction with
sendmail or running with smail 2.5 as a stand alone?

Thanks in advance for any and all help anyone can give.



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