ESIX woes.

John B Scalia jb at aablue.UUCP
Wed Nov 8 07:03:09 AEST 1989

My ESIX saga continues...

I decided to rebuild my entire system, because, *sigh* the boss wanted a
Dos partition on the drive as well :-(. Anyway, this time I decided to
go a little further on the installation sequence and add TCP/IP, RFS,
& X-windows, just to see how slow it really was. [see previous threads
about ESIX & X-windows]

Installation was simple and uneventful so I knew I was in trouble. The
problem developed immediately after I finished the installation and
tried to uucp some routines from the office mini. I had not taken the time
to connect the system to the office ethernet or even to install the
E-net card in the PC. The unit was direct connected by a serial line.

At this point, my HDB uucp stuff, which had been operating perfectly,
became dazed & confused. While I managed to get the routines I needed,
my throughput dropped down to approx. 230cps. This was also the case
when I used the TB+ modem with an outside site. Thinking, perhaps, I
had futzed something during the install, I used "rmpackage" and brought
the unit back to its old configuration. The HDB was back up to work
and showed throughput in the range of 1700cps after the net stuff
was uninstalled.

The ESIX people have been of no help; surprise. Is there something in
the TCP stuff I need to look for? I know squat about networking
software, but I learn fast if I know where to look. Could the problem
go away when I connect it to the office net? It takes a little while
to get cables put in here, but that might happen next week, if I 
scream loud enough.

Humbly awaiting suggestions (& followups to comp.unix.i386 please)
jb at aablue
A A Blueprint Co., Inc. - Akron, Ohio +1 216 794-8803 voice
UUCP:	   {uunet!}aablue!jb	(John B. Scalia)

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