rlogin problem with ISC 386/ix

fritz zaucker fritzz at lamont.ldgo.columbia.edu
Tue Nov 28 10:57:15 AEST 1989

I am running into troubles with rlogin. First the configuration I am
2 machines connected via 3COM 503 ethernet boards (call them A and B).

Several NFS mounted directories from our Sun Network.
Some directories of A mounted on B with NFS.
I am logged in on A.

Now I rlogin into B (as the same user). Two problems:

1) I run more on a large file and it is fine.
   I run more on a file with less lines than the screen size. It is NOT fine.
   It outputs a part of the file and that's it. Each time I try it I get
   different amounts of the file. I can cat the file without problems.

2) I try to run a program, say xyz and it says   
   xyz: Command nt found. xyz is in the directory /usr/locbin which is 
   mounted from A:/usr/locbin and sure, my PATH is set to /usr/locbin.
   The command is run if I call it as  /usr/locbin/xyz.

I don't know if these problems are related. By the way the file I try to 
more is not on a mounted directory and more even fails with input from
stdin via a pipe.
I called Interactive and the person I got to the phone was very friendly.
He tried to reproduce the problem on his machines but he couldn't and 
he had no idea how to access this thing. What's wrong here? I am desperate
spending my time on these things. Please help, where could I look for,
what could I try?

Thanks a lot
Fritz Zaucker

P.S.: Problem 1) occurs no matter if I am rloging in from the console or
      from a X11 xterm.

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