6386 WGS Questions

david.a.berk dab at cbnewsm.ATT.COM
Thu Nov 9 08:02:45 AEST 1989

1) I'm contemplating buying a Perstore Hard Disk Controller which is
   supposed to increase my hard disk capacity by a factor of 1.9.
   Does anyone have any advise or experiences using this board with
   AT&T System V.3.2 Unix ?  (Perstore informed me that it has been 
   tested on Interactive Unix and runs well).

2) I bought a 60 meg Tape Backup unit from Bell Tech. about a year ago.
   Can the AT&T Tape Backup read from a Intel Tape and vica versa.
3. Can the 6386 read a floppy witten by a 3b2 ?

					Dave Berk

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