Accounting packages and unix, (maybe with vpix?).

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Tue Nov 28 14:09:40 AEST 1989

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>>> Our financial department is growing and we would like to integrate
>>> their computer system with the company wide unix network. Currently
>>> they are running one small ms-dos based system.
>Not to sound like a advert or anything but you might look up either
>software by either State of the Art or by Open Systems.  Either one
>has wsome fairly powerfull software that runs quite nicely in either
>MS-DOS or a wide variety of UNIX platforms - including Xenix. 

Yes, the Open Systems stuff does run on XENIX, but at least as of
revision 3.x, I will NEVER recommend the stuff again.  If you press
the wrong keys at the wrong time, the application will bomb you back
to the basic interpreter.  To me, that is just plain unacceptable for
a production application.  Beta versions, sure, but finished products,
never.  You should be able to press any key at any time and *NEVER* have
the appliction bomb out to the interpreter.  

Actually after the operators are trained, they have very little trouble
with this, but during the training, it is a royal pain.  

The other thing I dislike about the Open Systems stuff is you have
to preallocate space for the files.  You can expand them when they
get full, but you do have to preallocate the data space.  This does 
not make our client very happy.  

Disclaimer: I only have 1 client running the software and they are
currently using version 3.12.  I have version 4 sitting on my shelf,
but I have not had time to install it for them yet.  

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