Equinox multi port boards

James Deibele jamesd at qiclab.UUCP
Thu Nov 30 18:48:05 AEST 1989

In article <134 at tiamat.fsc.com> jim at tiamat.fsc.com (Jim O'Connor) writes:
>I'm impressed, too.  Enough at least to ask a few more questions about this
>board. :-)

I've ordered one of the darn things on Monday, so I'll be interested in seeing
what the thing actually does once it arrives.  I talked with two distributors
and Equinox themselves before making the decision to buy the board.  I've got
marketing propaganda on the way, too.  In the meantime, what I remember them
saying is that the board will do 38.4K output on 24 ports, no problem.  I don't
about input, and I'm embarassed to say I never even thought of asking (although
I expect the output to input ratio to be 20:1 or more).  The board is made with
two ASIC chips instead of UARTs, chips that were taken from some design that 
Equinox did somewhere else (they're supposed to be a big deal in mini telecomm)
and decided would make a nice design for a board.

The 24-port version is $1795 (list), the 12-port version is $1295 (list, and is
supposed to be shipping this week).   There are supposed to be many different
ways of hooking things up.  I want to hook up modems, and maybe a terminal or
two, so I ordered the DB-25 connectors, which are supposed to be 18" long.  If
they are what I think I ordered, you should be able to mount the modems on a
shelf or rack behind the machine and save some dollars on cabling.

More when I get my hands on the thing.
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