Error messages from Bell Tech ACE I/O card on AT&T 6386E

maurice.r.baker mrb1 at cbnewsh.ATT.COM
Tue Nov 21 04:46:36 AEST 1989

Hello ----

I was wondering if anyone else out there is running a Bell Tech ACE
I/O board under UNIX System V/386 release 3.2.1 on a 6386(E) ?

Everything was working fine, or so it seemed, until the system started
spitting out the following message on the console:

ACE: Card 0:  req before init, cmd ??

where ?? was a variety of hex numbers  (10,11, 86, etc. come to mind)

The application program using the card seemed to failing at a blocked open
(waiting for DCD) on the port....with a return code of -1 and an errno of

The ace/adload process appeared to be running just fine, as least as far as
I could tell from a "ps -ef".  Rebooting the system, and restarting the
app. cleared the problem.  I have seen this on two of our systems running
identical software.

Can anyone shed some light on what this error message means, and/or
what to do about it?  I'm gonna give Bell Tech support a call, but after
several previous encounters I'm not too hopeful.

M. Baker
email to hoqub!mrb


will also watch for reply postings :-)

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