Tape backup

Richard Foulk richard at pegasus.uucp
Sat Nov 18 05:11:18 AEST 1989

>   I am in the process of looking for a tape backup system for our UNIX
> (ISC 386/ix) and MSDos (Novell Netware 286 v 2.15).  Does anyone know
> of a high capacity (> 1Gig) system that will run under both of these?
>   I am really interested in DAT, but I can't find any DAT vendors that
> support UNIX.  The only other option that I have seen is 8mm, but I
> have heard that they aren't very reliable.  Can anyone tell me
> otherwise?

I don't know who told you that the 8mm units wheren't reliable, but
that's not what I've experienced at all.  There are a fair number
of people that have reported good results with them in comp.sys.sun.
I've heard very few complaints.  Ours works quite well.

They're also more mature than DATs, you can buy tapes at the drug
store, etc., for six or seven bucks.  And they hold twice as much.

It's real nice to just load a tape and go home -- unattended backups.


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