Which SCSI adapter is better??

Steven Edward Watt swatt at cup.portal.com
Sat Nov 18 18:17:35 AEST 1989

  The SCO Sys V/386 support of the Adaptek 1540 is pleasantly clean...
I now have 3 drives in my system (a Rose Hill '386/20), 2 of which are
ST-506, the other is SCSI.  The SCSI drive is a Rodime 1140 (I think...)
and the filesystem transfer rates (for Acer file system) seem to be around
300k/sec.  Almost as good as the DECStation 2100 I use at work.

  Impressive, on the whole...

  OBTW:  Does anybody know of some good SCSI tape drives, preferably
less than $800, > 100MB capacity?

Steve Watt
swatt at cup.portal.com    ...!ucbvax!sun!portal!cup.portal.com!swatt

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