Why no job control in 386/ix?

Daniel E. Platt platt at ndla.UUCP
Tue Nov 21 13:09:29 AEST 1989

In article <3880 at amelia.nas.nasa.gov>, izen at amelia.nas.nasa.gov (Steven H. Izen) writes:
> The C-shell which was included with 386/ix (a system V UNIX for 386 boxes)
> does not support job control.  Is this because
> 	1) The kernel is missing something required to support it,
> 	2) ISC was too lazy to implement it, or
> 	3) other?

The answer is closer to option 1) (please forgive verbosity... I need to fill
space to get this through the news filter...)

The Job Control features are based on Berkely xx.xx (pick your version).  The
C Shell (csh) sends SIGSTOP and SIGCONT.  These Berkely functions are not
available on SysV (AT&T Unix), and most of the other Unixen supported on
i386 boxes. 

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