Online Manual needed (was Re: ISC vs SCO UNIX review)

John E Van Deusen III jiii at visdc.UUCP
Sun Nov 12 06:28:46 AEST 1989

In article <36311 at> support at ism780c.UUCP (Support
account) writes:
> ... we are pleased to advise that the next release of the 386/ix
> Operating System, release 2.2, due out in Q1 1990, will contain
> significant documentation improvements.

That's very nice, but I was hoping for System V Release 4.0 in the first
quarter of 1990.  As I recall, perfectly-adequate, on-line documentation
was being shipped with systems sold in the early 1980's.

According to the November 1, 1989 issue of UNIX International GAZETTE,
Release 4.0 was running on a 386/486 at the UNIX EXPO tradeshow, thanks
I believe to NEC, and a pre-release version has been available to both
ISC and SCO for some time.
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