Online Manual needed (was Re: ISC vs SCO UNIX review)

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Tue Nov 14 01:28:03 AEST 1989

In article <573 at ursa-major.SPDCC.COM> dyer at ursa-major.spdcc.COM (Steve Dyer) writes:
>In article <665 at visdc.UUCP> jiii at visdc.UUCP (John E Van Deusen III) writes:

>>According to the November 1, 1989 issue of UNIX International GAZETTE,
>>Release 4.0 was running on a 386/486 at the UNIX EXPO tradeshow, thanks
>>I believe to NEC, and a pre-release version has been available to both
>>ISC and SCO for some time.

>Er, it takes a little bit more than a prerelease to ship as a product.
>Believe me, productizing it and making it supportable is a lot of work.

Certianly true in this case. I was at Unix Expo and there were a number
of systems running Vr4. Intel had already displayed packaging and it,
ISC and Esix have announced tentative release dates.  *Tentative*.

I was told at the show that there is MUCH work still to be done, especially
on the networking support, before it's releasable product.

As for SCO, they haven't even got 3.2 out of the gate in big numbers,
let alone release 4.

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