386ix mailer problem

Marco S Hyman marc at dumbcat.UUCP
Sat Nov 25 19:21:43 AEST 1989

In article <894 at telesci.UUCP> jpoplaws at telesci.UUCP (Joseph E Poplawski) writes:
    In article <4304 at gaboon.UUCP> asv at gaboon.UUCP (Stan Voket) writes:
    >Mailx and/or Elm mailers pick up uucp as a return address no matter 
    >who the mail is from.

    When I enter mailx, it shows me that all my mail is either from
    "root", "uucp", or "jep" (jep is my login).

This is an easy one.  Check out /usr/lib/install.mail.  Once this script is
run your problems should go away.  Note: This script does MUCH MORE than
just fix the above problem.  Look at the script first and make sure you know
the consequences of running it.  (Such as installing smail).

// marc
// Marco S. Hyman		{ames,pyramid,sun}!pacbell!dumbcat!marc

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