Connecting a PostScript Printer to uP 386/V

Pete Holsberg root at mccc.uucp
Fri Nov 10 01:57:30 AEST 1989

Please forgive my lack of precision in my last posting when I asked
about connecting a PostScript Laser printer to a MicroPort 386 system. 
Let me rephrase it.

I have a PS laser printer that I can connect to the parallel port of a
386 system running uP V/386 3.0e in place of the dumb dot-matrix printer
previously connected.

I have the program "a2ps" that changes a text file to a PS program, but
I cannot print the result.  I've tried 
	a2ps text.file | lp
	a2ps text.file >
	cat > /dev/lp1
I've gone into DOSMerge where I have WordStar 2000, a PS-aware program. 
I've installed WS's PS stuff, and have tried to print text.fle from
within WS2K.  Nada.

During the WS2K install, at one point the install program says, "Do you
want a printed copy of the printer description file?".  If I say "yes",
it asks if I have a PS printer.  I say "yes" to that and then it
actually prints the file on the PS laser printer!  That's the only thing
that does!!

I moved the printer to a DOS computer and it behaves as expected.

So, what should I do to get the printer to work under UNIX?

Thanks to those who answered by email.

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