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Fri Nov 17 05:00:43 AEST 1989

We would like to clarify the events recently discussed over the net regarding
Bill Miskovetz and the assistance ISC provided him in reaching a solution to
the problem he had utilizing 386/ix with his specific Maxtor 8760E hard drive
and Adaptec 2322B-8 controller.  ISC did request the use of the drive because
it had too many defects to work on 2.0.2.  The problem was related to Mr.
Miskovetz's specific drive, and the number of defective tracks/sectors
involved.  Release 2.0.2 does in fact work with, and is compatible with the
Adaptec 2322B-8 controller and most existing Maxtor drives.

While working to make Mr. Miskovetz's drive work with the next release of
386/ix (release 2.2), INTERACTIVE recognized that other very large drives
might require the same level of defect tolerance demanded by this particular
Maxtor/Adaptec combination and worked to build that capability into the 2.2

There was regular communication between ISC support and Mr. Miskovetz during
this period without any perceived animosity on the part of the customer.
INTERACTIVE's intent, in all instances, is to assist customers in the
successful utilization of our product, as well as provide a product with
increasing integrity as it matures.  When this necessitates the cooperative
resources of both the customer and ISC, we seek to employ those resources as
quickly as possible, and to cause as little inconvenience to the customer as
is feasible.

In speaking directly with Mr. Miskovetz today, he did not indicate a feeling
of great negligence on the part of ISC, or express a critical need for the
return of the hardware.  He was very appreciative of our efforts, although
frustrated at not being able to yet use the product.  He is satisfied with
the plan for getting him up and running with his hardware and 386/ix.

Bill Miskovetz is one customer that had a problem pertaining to an agressive
use of Unix on PC hardware.  INTERACTIVE worked with him, and with his
cooperation in loaning the necessary equipment, was able to support his
specific environment as well as improve the general nature of our software
for future customers.  We look forward to continuing this close association
with our customers.

Mike Alcorn
Manager, Product Support

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