1.44 drives on i386

Randy Suess randy at chinet.chi.il.us
Thu Nov 30 05:32:31 AEST 1989

In article <1989Nov29.174308.2169 at chinet.chi.il.us> randy at chinet.chi.il.us (Randy Suess) writes:
]	I just switched from AT&T UNIX 3.2.1 on Chinet to i386
]	2.0.2.  Now, my 3.5 inch drives don't work at 1.44 megs
]	(f03ht).  
]	I tried
]	copying the pack.d/fd/Driver.o from the AT&T UNIX to
]	see if that would fix it, but no luck.  

	Oops.  I lied.  Seems I got the wrong driver installed.  Just
	did it again, and the Driver.o out of AT&T UNIX fixes the
	problem.  pack.d/fd/Driver.o in AT&T UNIX is almost twice
	as big as the one in i386.

Randy Suess
randy at chinet.chi.il.us

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