Unix/Xenix line discipline

Dave Shepperd shepperd at dms.UUCP
Fri Nov 10 06:02:13 AEST 1989

Ok, so I'll post the source to the line discipline I did for SCO Xenix.
I received lots of requests for the beast from netters, many of whom I
can't reach via email. 

This code is not ready for comp.sources since I haven't had the time to
document it well enough for that (i.e. no man page). I have real work to do
and you know how it goes, "'twerks good enough for me, I don't need no
stinking documentation. I'll take care of that later." There's some
documentation that is reasonably accurate but certanily not polished.

Therefore, I offer this code with no warranty expressed or implied.
It remains copyrighted to Atari Games, however you are free to copy
it and use it anywhere it'll work provided you keep the copyright
message with it. It is offered mainly as a guide for those who might
be intrested in developing their own line disciplines. (I certainly
could have used a sample program while I was writing this thing).
It works well on SCO Xenix/386 2.3.2 and SCO Unix. It has been ported
to SCO Xenix/286, but I don't have the patches for that yet (I don't
recommend using it on Xenix/286 anyway). It ought to work on most
System V based *nix's with few changes.

I would, however, be very greatful for getting feedback from those
of you who try to get it to work on your system such as what kinds
of changes (if any) you had to do to get it to work, etc. I'd also
like to know if it will coexist with some of the "smart" serial
I/O boards (those that do canonical processing on the board).

It follows in 4 parts totalling about 200k.
Dave Shepperd.	    shepperd at dms.UUCP or motcsd!dms!shepperd
Atari Games Corporation, 675 Sycamore Drive, Milpitas CA 95035.
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