Using X terminals

Jim Gottlieb jimmy at icjapan.uucp
Fri Nov 10 00:23:33 AEST 1989

In the next several months, I am planning to replace our company's
network of AT&T 3B1s with something more up-to-date.  Despite some of the
nice workstations I've seen, the openness of using a '386 machine leads
me in that direction.

At the recent Tokyo Data Show, I saw many nice X terminals.  This made me
start thinking of setting up a '386 machine and then putting an X terminal
on each desk.  Is this yet possible/feasible?  For example, can
DOS applications made for VGA run correctly on an X terminal?  Could the
mouse work correctly?  Will current Unix OA software run under X (I guess
it could always be done with xterm).

Any answers along these lines would be appreciated.

Thank you...
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