Pic on ISC's 386/ix 2.0.2 locks system hard.

Larry Williamson larry at focsys.uucp
Tue Nov 28 07:00:18 AEST 1989

This happened with our 1.0.6 system as well. When ever anyone here
runs pic (DWB 2.0), our system would lock up so hard, that the only
recourse was to power off the computer. I had to remove pic.

When we upgraded to 2.0.2, I figured that the new DWB (2.1.0) would
fix this problem. I just installed the new DWB this afternoon, and it
is no better.

Has anyone seen this happen before?

I don't have a nice concise roff file that can be used to recreate
this bug yet, but I should have one soon (It is an expensive bug to
try to recreate since I must power down, and wait through 15 minutes
of fsck).

If it makes any difference, I'm using the latest version of jetroff
(2.6), the system has a 387 installed, and no other program gives us
grief like this. On our previous system (386/ix 1.0.6), I tried pic
outside of jetroff (ie. pic <dangerous_file >/tmp/please_reboot) and
the lockup would still occur. I should have more information soon.

Thanks for any pointers.


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