non AT&T mouse on 6386

david.w.dykstra dwd at cbnewsc.ATT.COM
Fri Nov 17 04:45:49 AEST 1989

Has anyone tried putting a non-AT&T mouse on a 6386 PC?  I want to use a
microsoft bus mouse.  I tried both IRQ 2 and IRQ 3, the only two IRQ's
supported by the mouse driver I have.  I'm running 3.2 unix. 

The symtoms are that Open Look comes up but the cursor doesn't move when the
mouse moves, and nothing happens on mouse clicks.  If the mouse board isn't
plugged in then Open Look won't even come up, so it's doing something.
I tried an AT&T mouse in the past and it worked.

- Dave Dykstra
  dwd at
  dykstra at

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