6386 WGS Questions

A. Lester Buck buck at siswat.UUCP
Mon Nov 13 04:26:15 AEST 1989

In article <16 at zds-ux.UUCP>, gerry at zds-ux.UUCP (Gerry Gleason) writes:
> Wait a minute, if you can read the physical format, you should be able to
> mount it.  Isn't a System V file system a System V file system (with the
> possible exception of version skews).

A quick look at filsys.h from various vendor's versions of System V will
show that the super block format, at least, varies all over the map.
Without another file system switch entry, the only way I could see to
mount a foreign System V filesystem was to have a _really_ smart driver
that translated requests for the super block.  There might be other
problems with this scheme, since I never actually tried it...

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