UNISYS 6000/50, Brain dump please

John B. Milton jbm at uncle.UUCP
Wed Nov 22 15:46:17 AEST 1989

Just got a new job, we have a UNISYS 6000/50. It is a base configuration.
I have a bunch of "start up" questions:

 1. Any third party availability of "MBUS" memory boards? What other machines
    are using MBUS?
 2. The 170M SCSI drive is a Micropolis 1375, the 380M they sell is a 1578,
    Can any SCSI hard drive be used with the proper /usr/lib/iv file?
 3. Am I stuck with the Unisys Ethernet board, or are others usable?
 4. Is installation of a 3.5" floppy as easy as it looks?
 5. Where can I get a ksh.
 6. CTIX/386 seems to be a modified Microport, is that correct?
 7. Anything to watch out for with Merge/386 (video, remote, etc.)
 8. Why doesn't DEL seem to work as an interrupt character?
 9. Why do I get a "driver not configured" error when I try to use sxt and shl?
10. Do you recommend installing a video card for use as the system console?
11. Is MAPPER as bad as it seems?
12. When networking to PCs, what software works on the PC end of things? Mac?

That should be a start. I would like to get into regular communication with
other 6000/50 user so we can share PD ports and such.

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