Online Manual needed (was Re: ISC vs SCO UNIX review)

Roger Cornelius rac at sherpa.uucp
Sat Nov 11 14:44:52 AEST 1989

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	pim at (Pim Zandbergen) writes:
< dpi at loft386.UUCP (Doug Ingraham) writes:
<>I know I have seen the online question before.  If I remember correctly
<>the answer as to why they (insert Unix Vendor here) don't include man pages
<>is that AT&T treats them as source and wants an outrageous amount for
<>them.  Something like $10000.  Seems crazy to me too.
< This amount is for the  unformatted man pages. Surely, any Unix vendor
< could include nroff formatted man pages if SCO can.
< -- 

I recently installed SCO's 2.2 -> 2.3 man page update and they are now
distributed in unformatted form.

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