Sun 386i question

jim frost madd at
Sun Nov 12 05:25:48 AEST 1989

jrj at sun.Eng.Sun.COM (Richard Jones) writes:
>	I would like to know if any of you are running a Sun 386i without using
>	Yellow Pages as a stand-alone, connected to a network.  If so, how did 
>	you accomplish this seemingly impossible feat?

Good luck.  I tried but was never able to effectively disable this
function (many things broke if you tried).  No one else I have dealt
with has been able to, either.  Most don't think it's worth the

It doesn't do any harm to have them running if you're not using a
network.  In fact, since yp uses ndbm instead of sequential files,
it's generally faster than not.  Just make sure you're configured as a
master yp server and don't worry about it.

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