Which 386 Unix offers Vga 256 color X-windows?

John Temples john at jwt.UUCP
Sat Nov 25 07:39:00 AEST 1989

In article <152 at csinc.UUCP> rpeglar at csinc.UUCP (Rob Peglar x615) writes:
>In article <4338 at dell.dell.com>, jrh at mustang.dell.com (jrh) writes:
>>Dell has shown its new 1024x768x256 color Xwindows/Motif Server at UNIX EXPO
>How about a 1280x1024 server?

Parallax Graphics has a 386/ix X11 driver for its Viper board.  It is a
1280 x 1024 x 8 bit board.  The interesting feature with this board is
that you can plug NTSC video into it and watch TV in a window while
you're running X.  I saw it running on a Compaq 386/25 at I/ITSC last
week -- pretty amazing.  Price is about $8,000 with software.
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