Taking risks on software (ISC)

mark hilliard mark at gizzmo.UUCP
Mon Nov 27 12:03:30 AEST 1989

In article <PCG.89Nov20120912 at emerald.cs.aber.ac.uk> pcg at emerald.cs.aber.ac.uk (Piercarlo Grandi) writes:
>If I were your CEO I would fire you straight away. If your
>company demands the best from you, why are you using any software
>product that is explicitly described as not guaranteed fit for
>any purpose, not merchantable, etc...? Why are you risking the
>company's dollar on something that it must use at its own risk,
>without knowing it?

>If I were your CEO I would hold you accountable for investing
>thousands of company dollars in products about which the
>suppliers, from AT&T onwards, are not prepared to make any
>representation at all, and not telling me; actually deluding me
>that I should expect everything to work smoothly.

Thank goodness that you are NOT the CEO of ANY large or small corporation! 
In order to advance or even keep up with other companies in the world market,
a company MUST be willing to take chances and have the insite to expect 
problems with any NEW product. ISC has a very solid product on the market,
yet we must expect problems as the product continues to evolve.  If you 
never evaluate a new product how can you know if it will fit your companies
requirnments?  Have you every bought a software product that was totally
without risk?   

ISC provides much more than "disk replacement".  They were slow on the 
startup of their tech support, but they are on line now, and have
provided very good support to thousands of customers.  They will have 
problems, and there will be some problems that they will not be able to 
fix, but that is all part of doing business.

I'm sorry but working under the "no risk" umbrella that you have portrayed
would be like working  in the dark ages.  Any one want to go back to CPM?

Mark Hilliard  N2HHR

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