more helpful flames, perhaps?

Martin Weitzel martin at mwtech.UUCP
Thu Nov 23 23:06:49 AEST 1989

In article <1989Nov15.004245.1875 at> rcd at (Dick Dunn) writes:
>akcs.larry at nstar.UUCP (Larry Snyder) writes:
>> ...ISC told me that the USR modems
>> are junk and are not supported by 2.02.  Hogwash - I wouldn't suggest
>> ISC to anyone -
[rest deleted]
Since I've joined this newsgroup about one month ago, I'm much more
convinced that to choose ISC's 386/ix was no bad choice. The people
there listen to the newsgroup *and* respond with postings or email.

I think back about one and a half year when I was working with SCO's
XENIX 286 and had not yet access to usenet and the news. It was very
frustrating when I wrote them a telex (no email yet!) after exploring
a problem for one or two weeks, and the only answer I got (by letter!),
was that they *redirected* the telex to their office in London (UK).
After two weeks, London wrote me, that they named a dealer here in
germany, I should ask, but it wasn't the one I bought the product
from and the one I bought the system from, and generally dealers are
in much hurry to ask you questions, if you not have bought from them!
(Furthermor, I'm working with U*IX for many years now, also teaching
advanced courses, and I generally know much more, than the dealers!
The point is, they *never* looked, what my question was, but seemed
to think "Such another first time user who can't RTFM.")

What I want to say with this (allready too long) posting is: The fact,
that I have an audience for my problems gives me a good feeling about
386/ix. (To be fair with respect to SCO: I don't know how well they
do support "their" newsgroup.)


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