Which 386 Unix offers Vga 256 color X-windows?

John Krist krist at stsci.EDU
Fri Nov 17 05:48:42 AEST 1989

  Greetings :

    I'm contemplating putting Unix on my 386 (Arche Rival).  Reading
  the recent SCO Unix vs 386/ix review in Unix World (or was that 
  Unix review?), they author indicated that neither vendor offers an 
  X-windows which supports 256 colors in the high res VGA and Super-
  VGA modes.

    I would need some image display capabilities in whichever version
  I get, so 256 colors is essential.  Does anyone know if either of
  these vendors now or is soon going to support these modes (or are they
  going to wait for the Super VGA standard to be defined?) ?  I intend
  to probably use an ATI VGA Wonder card.


  John Krist
  krist at stsci.edu
  Space Telescope Science Institute
  Baltimore, MD

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