X5 update problem (new)

Bill Kuykendall wek at point.UUCP
Wed Nov 15 23:00:07 AEST 1989

>In Appendix B of the X5 document it states to set up the DEFAULT modem
>settings with the ATE1 command which means: "modem echos commands back to
>the terminal". If I do this, I get a runaway condition where the getty
>keeps sending data to the modem, the modem sends it back and both the

It sounds like you're getting messed up by the different modem
configurations required by uugetty and cu.  {uu}getty requires NO echo and
NO responses sent (E0 Q1).  cu requires the opposite for it's scripts to
work (E1 Q0).

The trick is to set your dip switches to reflect getty's requirements, and
add the E1Q0 to the modem init string in your Dialers entry (Xenix may use a
different file name).  The crucial element to getting this to work is to
ensure that the modem reinitializes when DTR is dropped (thus resetting for
the getty process when cu is finished).  On my US Robotics and Telebit
modems there is a register value (different on the different modems) that
specifies this behavior.  I don't know how Hayes handles this.

Hope this helps.

Bill K

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