Cache performance on 386 boards running Unix

Rick Richardson rick at pcrat.uucp
Mon Oct 30 09:00:30 AEST 1989

>In article <919 at umigw.MIAMI.EDU>, angel at umigw.MIAMI.EDU (angel li) writes:
> Does anyone know the performance difference of 386 boards with a cache
> against boards without a cache, both running Unix?  I would like to

Back in the bad old days of $30+ DRAMS, we bought a 16Mhz Mylex motherboard.
This mother has a 64K cache and 120ns main memory.  Running the Dhrystones
(under 386/ix 1.0.4) on it gave 4950 'stones with the cache turned on (~0ws),
and 3652 'stones with the cache turned off (1ws).

Your results may vary...

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