Cache performance on 386 boards running Unix

Wm E Davidsen Jr davidsen at
Thu Oct 26 06:00:34 AEST 1989

In article <416 at>, pb at (Peter Brouwer) writes:
|  This depends on the size/working set of your applications you use.
|  Most caches are 64k = 16 pages. So if you have large applications with
|  a working set ( number of pages it used during execution ) the cache is'nt
|  a great help. 

  Micro caches don't work in 4k pages, so what has this to do with
anything? I suspect you're thinking of mainframe cache which may work
in larger chunks. 4, 16, and 32 byte cache chunks are mentioned by
manufacturers, I think someone used 64 bytes, but I haven't got the

  If anyone has an Intel cache controller spec sheet handy, please
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