GNU gcc1.35 on Interactive 386/ix 2.01

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Mon Oct 30 00:48:40 AEST 1989

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   has anyone succesfully installed gcc Version 1.35 on ISC 386/ix 2.01?

   I have compiled gcc with the USG compiler (using model i386-sysv) without
   errors. I have also converted libc.a and crt0.o from coff to bsd file format
   running 'robotussin'. All binutils have been created with the USG
   and COFF_ENCAPSULATE. When I am trying to compile gcc after
   make stage1
   as recommended in INSTALL it complains:

   ld: malformed input file (not rel or archive) /lib/crt1.o

   'robotussin' seemingly cannot convert /lib/crt1.o, error message is:

It cannot convert it, because crt1.o supports shared libraries
via a feature of COFF which is not in the AOUT format. Either you
recompile everything without COFF encapsulation (my choice,
because COFF encapsulation disallows the use of shared
libraries), or you use /lib/crt0.o as startup file, which is used
when you do not have COFF encapsulation, or you use the crt.c
file distributed with GCC.

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