Help on VGA graphics needed

Thu Oct 5 19:49:03 AEST 1989

I am exploring the idea of developing some  graphics program on
a PC/386 using VGA. I am entirely new in this field. Initially,
I am planning to use DOS and then may shift to SCO XENIX/UNIX.
Assuming that I have a good 25Mhz 386, I would like to know
the following:
1. What are different VGA cards available with a proper develop-
   ment system along with them?. In this I am particularly inter-
   ested in some C language package with an industry standard
   graphics ( GSK etc. ).
2. How easily I can shift to XENIX? Does XENIX support only the
   "cga library"? I am not aware of the latest developements.
3. Any other suggestions or points that I may have overlooked.

It may be possible that the above had been discussed previously.
But, I am a new entrant in the news world and would love to get
detailed replies.

You can send me a direct mail on : <satam at> or reply
on net itself.

Hope to see good replies from the experts.

Thank you in advance.

Kirtikumar G. Satam
email : satam at
Home : 217 Northwood Apts Sunderland MA 01375    Tel # 413-665-3222
Office : 114 Marcus Hall UMASS Amherst MA 01003  Tel # 413-545-4847

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