TLI for X.25 board in 3B2 and/or 6386

maurice.r.baker mrb1 at cbnewsh.ATT.COM
Sat Oct 28 06:01:25 AEST 1989

Does anyone know of a TLI interface to the X.25 boards: ISC for 3B2 and
GPSC for 6386 ..... under UNIX System V ?  

I can't find any reference in the manuals which came with the boards and
software (they talk about the 'p-command' and 'link-level' interfaces,
though).   While X.25 may be a bit more sedate than STARLAN and some of the
newer networking products, it still seems surprising that a set of TLI
routines would not be available.  Or am I missing something here?

Thanks in advance,
M. R. Baker
email to:  hoqub!mrb


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