SCSI tape drives.

Petri Alhola petri at digiw.UUCP
Tue Oct 10 23:07:46 AEST 1989

In article <9680 at> pdg at (Paul Guthrie) writes:
>Has anyone actually got SCSI tape drives to work on ISC 2.0.2?
>Other people have posted this question, and I have never seen
>a reply saying yes.
 I sent following succes report to this newsgroup litle time ago, I is
 possible that is lost somewehre.

After many days research work, i have got 386/ix 2.0.2 and
adaptec 1540 SCSI controller to work with archive viper 150 Mbyte
scsi streamer tape. I have found following things to be done before
i got it working. I have also got archive QIC streamer working with
asrhive drivers for archive409 controller board.

1 - SCSI parity in 1540 Parity is enabled as default and in archive
	it is disabled as default. i disabled parity in 1540

2 - SCSI address of arcvhive. 1540 does not regonize archive in all
	addresses . I got it working with SCSI address 2.

3 - The major number of /dev/tape was wrong. The /dev/tape major number was
 	not generated by the kconfig script becouse there was not file
	in /etc/conf/node.d for tape and so major number for tape was
	21 . In /etc/cond/cf.d/mdevive file it was 41. So it needed to make
	new /dev/tape file for right major number.

For testing streamer the rom BIOS utility was usefull, becouse
there was not any diagnostic utilities in 386/ix. And i even does not
found any ioctls to test scsi devices. Using BIOS utility you can
check that the 1540 founds streamer tape before you try use it with unix.

>According to one person, the only success he had was with the tape
>configured with a SCSI ID greater than 4, while the Archive 2150ES
>manual, says that the high bit jumper of the 3 ID jumpers is
>not used, effectively limiting the ID to 3 or less.
>Well, I've configured the kernel as specified, upgraded my 2150ES
>firmware to the latest version, and tried about every possible
>combination of jumpers, but with no success.  Opening the scsi
>tape devices (ct or nrct) fail with errorno -1 (PERMISSION),
>even though the actual device permissions are OK, and I was
>root.  The adaptec controller seems to recognize the drive
>(the active light flickers during the adaptec BIOS install),
>and the kernel at least tries to determine SCSI devices (the
>tapes light flickers again during the device inits after the
  The problem can be in parity. The led flickers even parity is wrong.
  Try check parity jumpers in 2150ES. Try also 1540 bios diagnostic
  with dos debugger
  ---- Adaptec bios ----

  This is only good way to see if the bios is regonizing drive.

  I have also tried to get adaptec utilities with uucp from
  adaptex ( see article in this group from neese at adaptex.UUCP)
  completely onsuccesfully.

>Well, I've followed the manuals to the T, and tried about
>everything, but to no avail.  Has anyone actually got this
>working, or is Interactive selling vaporware or the tape drive
>equivilent of their asy  driver?
>I am, however impressed with the performance of the SCSI 
>disk driver for the Adaptec.
>I just wish I could back the sucker up with  something that
>takes less time than 300 floppies :-).
>Paul Guthrie

Petri Alhola
petri at

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