386 Configuration

Pete Holsberg root at mccc.uucp
Fri Oct 27 04:55:28 AEST 1989

I'm thinking that I could set up a 386 machine running an appropriate version
of *NIX as a host for an Ethernetwork of 20 Zenith ATs.  Would a 33MKHz '386
with 16MB RAM and a 300+MB hard disk do it?  I would need Ethernet hardware
and software, and I'd like to have NFS on top of it.

Would you suggest a 386 configuration -- hw and sw -- that would do the trick?

If one 386 won't do it, could I run 10 ATs Ether'd to a 16MHz 386 (4-8MB, 72MB
HD), the other 10 to a second 386, and the two 386s Ether'd-TCP/IP'd-NFS's

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