NNTP on ISC 386/ix

Dan Rich drich at dialogic.UUCP
Tue Oct 31 08:48:46 AEST 1989

  Has anyone been able to get nntp running under Interactive's 386/ix
with the Micom/Interlan NP600 ethernet interface?  I finally got the
package to compile, after changing the files to reflect the Interlan
software (mostly changing include files to interlan/file.h instead of
net/file.h).  Now, when I try to start the daemon, it exits with an
errnum = 2.  Here is the line from the system log:
Sun Oct 29 16:56:34 1989 get_socket: socket: No such file or directory

I think that it is failing on the call to open a socket, but I can't
find any reason why...

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