cheap Micronics motherboard source sought

Chris Barr barr at frog.UUCP
Wed Oct 4 03:27:00 AEST 1989

I'm re-posting this from comp.sys.ibmpc in response to Micronics queries 
in this newsgroup:

In article <640013 at hpcilzb.HP.COM> mark at hpcilzb.HP.COM (Mark Turner) writes:
>Try 3-6 Computers in Hollywood, CA, 213-851-6736.  I know they do mail
>order.  I bought my Micronics at Micro Systems Engineering, Cupertino,
>CA, 408-257-4249.  I don't think they mail order, but you could ask.
>One other possibility is to call Robert at Micronics Tech Support.  He
>has been very helpful to me and knows lots of dealers.  408-732-9240.

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