UNIX+DOS: networks, filesystems, windows, machines (repost)

Peter Barnes pdb at batserver.cs.uq.oz
Sun Oct 15 17:10:33 AEST 1989

This is a repost, as I believe a network partitioning engulfed the first.

I would be very grateful for your advice, suggestions or comments.
If you post, please mail me a copy also. I will summarize.

We (Computer Science, University of Queensland, Australia) are about 
to upgrade our undergraduate teaching hardware and software.

We have identified a need for applications running under both DOS and
UNIX. We would like to have at least minimal windowing and graphics
available under both systems. We would like to share files and
facilities where possible. We can see a number of architectures
supporting these requirements, running along a couple of dimensions.
Value for money, and assuming not many users/box, the '386 architecture
based machines seem the best solution:

o UNIX and DOS in one box (80386, *nix, VP/ix or DOSmerge or ...)
o UNIX and DOS in separate boxes, UNIX fileserver(s)
o UNIX and DOS in separate boxes, UNIX and DOS fileserver(s)
o etc.

There are a number of networking alternatives (TCP/IP, 3COM, Novell,
Banyan, ... [I realize I'm mixing layers and functions here]).  We
could have one net, or two nets with a gateway between UNIX and DOS.

There are a number of terminal/console alternatives (UnTerminal,
Cygnus, X/windows, Stallion (for UNIX), ...)

And so forth. My apologies for the vagueness of the specifications - 
we're still exploring the solution space.

I would be most grateful for information from sites who have faced and
"solved" this problem, from vendors who believe their products will
help solve our problem, or from anyone well versed in one (or more)
aspects of the various riddles I've posed.

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