Logging in to 386/ix via telnet over, TCP/IP

John Ioannidis ji at close.columbia.edu
Thu Oct 5 14:08:16 AEST 1989

In article <2316 at uceng.UC.EDU> dmocsny at uceng.UC.EDU (daniel mocsny) writes:
>Though I can telnet to the very ends of the earth, the ends of the
>earth cannot telnet back to me. My machine hastens to answer the
>distant calls with login: and password: prompts, but though remoteuser
>types them with the diligence of the most faithful scribe, my machine
>can only rasp the reply "login incorrect".

I was plagued by the same problem for a couple of weeks, then in a
vision I saw the light. Running strings(1) on /etc/telnetd revealed
that the sucker was exec-ing a program called /etc/netlogin. Running
it from my terminal showed a similar behavior to /bin/login. So I
moved /etc/netlogin to /etc/foobar, then copied over /bin/login to
/etc/netlogin and now I can telnet to my heart's content. I can't
guarantee that there will be no side effects, though.

> >Dan Mocsny >dmocsny at uceng.uc.edu


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