uucp with tcp on 386/ix vers 2.0.2

Russ Harvey russ at cipher.UUCP
Thu Oct 5 04:42:39 AEST 1989

Hi, we have 5 ISC 386/ix version 2.0.2 machines
connected via ethernet (WD8003E, ISC's TCP/IP),
and want to do something natural like have
the ability to print files on all machines,
even though there is only one printer (HP LaserJet II).
At first I thought the print spoolers on the remote
machines (those without a printer) could be set
up to send files to the print server machine.
I gave up on that and began to pursue using uucp.
I have been experimenting with Systems, Devices
and Devconfig entries for a couple of days without
success. The various manuals don't seem to
help much either. Any help would be greatly
appreciated. Either suggestions about setting up
uucp so that uux or whatever can be used to
print from a remote machine via ethernet, or 
an alternative method to communicate with the
spooler on the print machine.
We have been using a script that does an rcp,
an rsh of the spooler on the print machine and
then removes the file, but this seems tacky.
Sorry if this subject has been covered before.
I am new to using these PCs with System V,
and have only started to read this newsgroup.

Thanks in advance,
- Russ

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