ISC vs SCO UNIX review

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|) Only SCO includes on-line documentation in the form of man pages.
|Warning: at least with xenix, SCO ship man pages as nroff OUTPUT.

Better than nothing.  I seriously thought about killing someone when I
found that 386/ix didn't have them.  If it wasn't for the SunOS SysV
compatibility and its man pages that were just an ethernet away, I
would have.

Vendors listen up: many of us humble (and not so humble) programmers
loose much productivity while trying to figure out which manual and
which page has the description of [insert seldom-used function here].
You make no friends by stripping this stuff out.  The inclusion of man
pages is one of the very few things that I actually liked about Xenix,
and their loss was number one on my list of things I didn't like about

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