Where to purchase ISC and/or SCO UNIX sys V

jim frost madd at world.std.com
Fri Oct 27 02:22:27 AEST 1989

In article <1989Oct25.141337.10039 at ddsw1.MCS.COM> karl at ddsw1.MCS.COM (Karl Denninger) writes:
|Think about it.  If you buy at the lowest price, >something< was left out.
|Since the products are the same, it's usually the support that gets left out.

A good many people don't need reseller support when they need support
at all.  Resellers often just call the original vendor and get back to
you.  This lag, and the obvious secondhand information that it
implies, leads me to buy from the resellers and work with the original
vendor.  This is useful to both of us since I'll find a fix on my own
and be sure to tell the vendor about it.

Note that I'm speaking of software here.  Hardware is usually a
different story.

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