Accounting packages and unix, (maybe with vpix?).

Louis Schmittroth louis at cs.AthabascaU.CA
Fri Oct 13 00:19:25 AEST 1989

In article <299 at rsiatl.UUCP>, jgd at rsiatl.UUCP (John G. De Armond) writes:
> In article <LARRY.89Oct10103753 at focsys.UUCP> larry at UUCP (Larry Williamson) writes:
> >Our financial department is growing and we would like to integrate
> >their computer system with the company wide unix network. Currently
> >they are running one small ms-dos based system.
> >Pure unix accounting packages seem too expensive. We don't want to pay

MC Software of Davis Calif has a package that also dates back to CP/M days
and has made the transistion to MS/DOS, and now Xenix (and some Unix's).
Not too expensive and very good.  I installed it originally on MP/M in 83
at the local town office and when I ugraded to Xenix last year all went very
well.  Recommended.


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