X5 Update - Serial Bugs

Dwight Kelly dkelly at npiatl.UUCP
Sat Oct 14 05:30:29 AEST 1989

In article <290 at mic.UUCP> merlin at mic.UUCP (Merlin Wilkerson) writes:
>"Allright", I exclaimed.  However, when I disconnected, the RD and SD 
>lights were blinking rapidly and the getty process had become 
>immortal.  Subsequent calls to cu gave "CAN'T ACCESS DEVICE" errors.
>Resets and retest yielded the same results.  

I have installed 2.0.2 with the X5 upgrade and a 16550 chip on a 20mhz non-cached
machine with a bi-directional TB running at 19200 with NO problems!  I have even
run X with motif, a tape backup, a floppy copying, and not one signal.

The rapidly blinking lights sounds like you have the response codes ON for the TB.
Make sure that you using TB19200 gettydefs with ALL the register setting Interactive
lists in the X5 upgrade sheets.

If you need help, call me or email and I will trying to identify the problem.

Dwight Kelly
Director R&D
Network Publications, Inc.
dkelly at npiatl
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