What ESDI Controller ships with the new AT&T 6386s?

Dr. Scump aland at infmx.UUCP
Sat Oct 21 05:28:27 AEST 1989

Regarding the new 6386 line from AT&T (25 MHz version, 33 MHz version,
and 33 MHz "Model S"):  what hard disk controllers do they use?

I remember hearing somebody claim that they bundled DPT caching
controllers with the machines, and our local AT&T sales rep made
a similar claim (which we are trying to confirm, but we can't get thru
yet due to the quake -- they're in downtown S.F.).  The 29-page AT&T
summary on the new line doesn't say.  Frank McGee of AT&T support
sent me some detailed info on the machines (thanks again, Frank) which
stated that the 25MHz models use a WD controller for the ESDI drives,
but it doesn't say if the 33 MHz ESDI is any different.

I have two basic questions:  1) do the 25 and 33 MHz ESDI models include
DPT controllers?,  and 2) if not, has anybody tried to use the DPT
caching ESDI controller in one of these machines?  Does anybody know a
reason why they *wouldn't* work?

Also, are there caching SCSI controllers that would work with the
Model S, and how would the SCSI combination perform compared to ESDI
with the DPT caching controller for ESDI?

We want to use several of these machines in an environment where 
disk performance will be the biggest performance bottleneck.

Email preferred; I will summarize.
Thanks in advance.

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